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ARLA Propertymark Election Special - Exclusive Interview with Sián Hemming-Metcalfe

Propertymark Election Special - David Mintz of Kerfuffle talks to the candidates for the forthcoming ARLA Propertymark election for President Elect. Listen in as he interviews our very own Inventory Base team member and ARLA President Elect Candidate - Siân Hemming-Metcalfe

Complaints - Why you should never ignore them

Complaints in the property industry are on the increase as tenants exercise their rights, as landlords expect better services and agents demand more from their suppliers. But how do you stop a complaint from ever materialising and what should you do should when they land in your inbox?

Inventory Clerks! Don’t stay in your lane – Diversify your services

The property reporting profession is quite a varied role or at least it can be if you set your sights further than just inventories. But it can be limited if you don't look beyond your own services or settle for the same business model that agents expect of you. So why should you be thinking about diversifying your services and what are some of the services open to inventory professionals?

Levelling Up & Property Reports - What Does the Future Hold for Service Providers?

Inventory Base Academy hosts the first of a number of 'virtual panels' that will bring together service providers from across the reporting industry to discuss key subjects and issues impacting the private rental sector.

Mentoring, RoPA & Inventory Clerks - An Exclusive Interview With John King FNAEA MARLA

Sián talks exclusively with John King - TDS Ambassador, lettings professional, trainer and mentor to discuss the property industry, how technology is improving the way we interact with agents and the potential benefits of regulation.

The Value of Service - An Exclusive Interview with Assist Inventories

In this podcast Sián interviews Zoe Taylor from Assist Inventories. We talk about how, over the past 7 years, Assist Inventories have added to their core services, why keeping in touch with clients helps build products around both their needs and new legislation, and why they are so much more than just an inventory provider.

Why inventory suppliers should start planning for 2022

It feels like 2021 has sped by with a busier than expected reporting period over the summer and winter now fast approaching. But despite the madness of student lets and high volumes of properties to assess and report on, the autumn/winter months provide the ideal opportunity for inventory providers to take a break and start the business planning process - are you prepared for 2022?

Viewing Properties Virtually – How do you know you’ve made the right choice?

Remote viewings are not a new concept. In fact, they have long been used in other industries, so it's not surprising that landlords and letting agents are now making the most of virtual technology to render the letting process even quicker and easier. But just because something is quick and easy doesn't necessarily mean it's the right thing to do. So when viewing properties to rent virtually, how do you know you've made the right choice?

Landlords, EICR's and Certificates - Why safety always comes first

Properties rented in the UK have to be safe and comply with current legislation and measures for Gas, Electrical and Water safety. But with so much compliance for the private rental sector (PRS) to navigate - have landlords successfully completed EICR's in time and does that mean tenants are now safe?

Private Rented Sector - Are Pets The New Sub-Tenant?

According to data from PetsScore; there are 7.6m renters with pets in the UK Private Rented Sector (PRS) but only around 119,000 rental properties willing to take pets; so what can the lettings market do to address this imbalance and should pets now be considered as the new sub-tenant?

Feedback - Should tenant comments be feared or welcomed?

Tenant feedback has, for years, been either a phone call to the landlord, an email to the agent or scrawled notes on a printed out report that was more likely to be 'misplaced' then read. But should we paying more care and attention to the comments or fear the feedback?

Your 4 Step Plan - Get Ready For Post Lockdown

With the announcement of the 4 step plan to ease England out of the current lockdown; Sián and Melissa explore the issues and concerns that inventory professional have as the lockdown is eased.

Christmas Trees, Awards and EICR's -January is far from boring!

January is nearly over and despite being in Lockdown 3.0 there is a fair amount going on in the housing market. Join Sián and Melissa as they discuss inventory clerk awards, the impending EICR deadline and why the twinkling lights on Christmas trees are not yet ready to be put away.

Proptech - Why innovation is more than just an enabler

What a busy few weeks it's been! 3 new key integrations and services, 3 new Tiers for the country to help combat the pandemic announced and Christmas is definitely on its way!

Property Inspections - Why drones are more than just a hobby

Sián is joined by Mark Boyt; founder and CEO of Drone Safe Register. We discuss the new partnership between InventoryBase and Drone Safe Register and how versatile drones are from taking pictures, video footage of roofs to delivering packages and even dealing with graffiti on busy roads! With property inspections now playing a vital part of both the sales and tenancy process; more and more agents are turning to drones to provide the aerial view of the property to showcase to new buyers, before commissioning expensive scaffolding and avoiding unnecessary works.

Through the keyhole - Unblocking key management

Sián and guests Philip Carter and Tim Hill from Keyzapp discuss why keys are so difficult to manage for inventory professionals, why agents seem resistant to change and how we can unblock the keychain.

Snagging - What you thought you knew and what you need to know!

Join Sián and her special guest podcaster; John Heald from LJ Property Inspections as he explains why they are is so much more to snagging than a missing door or an unfitted carpet.

Tenants working from home - When is wear fair?

Our latest podcast is presented by Sián Hemming-Metcalfe, alongside guest speaker Melissa Gurthrie-Noyce, MGN Inventories where they discuss the implications of increased home working by tenants.

What To Consider When Recruiting Inventory Clerks

The lettings industry has really stepped up a gear in recent weeks and so recruiting clerks to manage the busy summer period is now a top priority for inventory companies. But how do you recruit great inventory clerks?

Inventory Reports - Why they are an essential part of letting out any property

We've taken a slightly different path with this podcast as Sián discusses inventory reports with host Kristjan Byfield as part of the amazing Agents Here To Help initiative.

Exclusive Podcast With Matthew Hooker Co-founder Ome

In Sián’s interview with the Co founder of Ome and member of Hamilton Fraser business transformation & innovation team; Matthew Hooker talks about the founding principles for Ome, why the current deposit market needs more transparency and how it is at the core of their service.

Safeguarding - Why the housing industry has a duty of care

Safeguarding children is paramount and in this time of unprecedented change, early intervention is key. As property professionals we have a vital part to play in ensuring that we are aware of and act on potential signs of neglect or abuse.

Opportunities and New Directions: Refocusing During Lockdown

Guest host Antony Stewart from 1st Ards Peninsula Property Management; Northern Ireland discusses how to use the lockdown to discover new opportunities and that technical ability isn't a barrier to offering new services

Self Service Reports - How to remain relevant during the pandemic

Listen in as Sián and Melissa discuss the new tenant pre check out notes option and how self service reports from InventoryBsse can help clerks offer additional service options during lockdown

Property reports across the globe - A South African perspective

Special guest David Hutchison from Property Inspect joins Sián to discuss how and why he started Property Inspect, how inventories are viewed in South Africa and the impact of the current crisis.

Lockdown - Are inventory and check out reports essential?

As we reach the end of the first week in lockdown; Sian, Melissa and guest host Ewan discuss the effects of the lockdown on their businesses, the wider industry and why everyone needs to help each other.

Coronavirus Podcast- Advice and guidance for inventory clerks

This podcasts looks at what positive steps inventory clerks can take whilst managing the challenge that is Coronaviraus - COVID-19

No smoke without fire - Are wood-burning stoves for the chop?

Sian and Melissa discuss the new regulations for wet wood burning stoves in rented property and why testing your smoke alarms should be in your diary

Introducing The Inventory Professional Podcast

Welcome to the new Inventory Professional Podcast, presented by Head of Training & Development Siân Hemming-Metcalfe InventoryBase Academy with co host Melissa Guthrie-Noyce; MGN Inventories. Our first podcast sets the scene for all future posts where the world of inventory reports and the wider letting industry will be discussed.

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