Why inventory suppliers should start planning for 2022

It feels like 2021 has sped by with a busier than expected reporting period over the summer and winter now fast approaching. But despite the madness of student lets and high volumes of properties to assess and report on, the autumn/winter months provide the ideal opportunity for inventory providers to take a break and start the business planning process - are you prepared for 2022?
In this episode we discuss the volume of student property reports carried out each year and whether there is a need to have a conversation with agents about the quick turnaround of properties which can mean a lack of detail in the inventory / check out report or employing less than robust reporting methods 'just to get the job done and turned around'.

Sián highlights that at some point inventory providers are likely to be 'held to account' or have more industry oversight when ROPA comes in for letting agents so is now the time to tackle the thorny issue of standardisation and qualifications within the inventory reporting industry?

Sián also points out that there is no one in the industry really fighting the corner of the industry professional and support from the two main self styled inventory associations (ARLA Propertymark / AIIC) is very lacking.

On the issue of COVID - both Melissa and Sián highlight the potential for restrictions to be reintroduced as infection number climb and why many in the industry are concerned that the lack of stock and number of inventory providers available to carry out reports and how they are being impacted by the economic affects of the pandemic.

Sián and Melissa discuss the need to plan for any downturn in work including contingency planning for business owners if they become unwell and unable to manage the business.

And on a lighter note; Melissa talks about inventory clerks and business owners using the quieter winter months to start the planing process for 2022.

She highlights the need for us all to take time out to recharge batteries, meet family, relax before getting the spreadsheets out and starting to plan out what the next 12 mths will look like both from reporting numbers and potential revenue. She does like a bullet point list and action plan!

Finally; is now the time to use the winter months to not only plan for 2022 but also to review report rates? #FoodforThought

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