Mentoring, RoPA & Inventory Clerks - An Exclusive Interview With John King FNAEA MARLA

Sián talks exclusively with John King - TDS Ambassador, lettings professional, trainer and mentor to discuss the property industry, how technology is improving the way we interact with agents and the potential benefits of regulation.
In this podcast John and Sián discuss three key topics:
  1. Being a mentor for the real estate industry - what attracted John to that particular role
  2. RoPA - Regulation of Property Agents - how it can improve the property industry
  3. The role inventory professionals play in supporting the industry
John talks about his mentoring, how people buy from people and the trust needed to be able to complete a transaction in a world where technology can de-personalise the experience.

Sián asks John whether external inventory suppliers (who are not included in the initial RoPA guidelines) if inventory professionals can be part of the conversation rather than just the afterthought they often are when it comes to shaping the industry.

Disrupter or disruptive - both John and Sián feel that the terminology comes across as aggressive and that using the word 'improvement' is a more inclusive term when talking about all the changes to the industry. 

Sián comments that the wealth of knowledge and skills in the industry can help form a more standardised reporting format and the benefits of using the term 'professional' when it comes to referring to clerks in order to change the industry's perception of the role.

And finally, John talks about his experiences in an adjudication and how a judges words made a lasting impression.

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