The Value of Service - An Exclusive Interview with Assist Inventories

In this podcast Sián interviews Zoe Taylor from Assist Inventories. We talk about how, over the past 7 years, Assist Inventories have added to their core services, why keeping in touch with clients helps build products around both their needs and new legislation, and why they are so much more than just an inventory provider.
Sián and Zoe discuss how service and acting as an extension of an agents brand plays a huge role in supporting clients, keeping landlords engaged and more importantly, happy!

We also talk about the need for transparency and honesty; we may get things wrong but it is how we manage our mistakes that can make all the difference to your service delivery.

Zoe comments on how happy she is to have Inventory Base and the support team behind her services, how their developers provide everything she needs to keep exceeding her clients expectations including training with Inventory Base Academy to support her clerks and keep them up to date and safe whilst out in the field.

Sián asks whether there is more inventory providers can do to add value and celebrate Zoe's success at the recent ESTA's where she was nominated and has received an ESTA Peoples Award, 2021.

Finally; for Zoe's top tip she highlights that, as industry suppliers, we all should remember that agents, landlords and tenants are people and why its important (now more than ever) to be kind to each other and ourselves.

For more information on Assist Inventories visit their website:

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