Housing Quality Goals & Section 21 - How can we achieve a Safer PRS?

Recording of the Propertymark webinar presented by Approved Industry Supplier Inventory Base.

The PRS currently comprises over 4.6 million rented homes in the UK, with 21% (986,100) classified as non-decent, highlighting the urgent need for action to ensure fair and decent living conditions for tenants.

Agents play a vital role in supporting landlords to meet their obligations but how do you navigate the ever-changing regulations while ensuring their properties meet necessary standards? How can you support positive tenant-landlord relationships amidst all these challenges?

Here's what you can expect from this webinar:

We'll discuss:
  • Tenant challenges: Affordability and access to quality housing.
  • Agent challenges: Maintenance responsibilities and regulatory compliance.
We'll shed light on the current landscape:
  • Rental market trends: Rental prices and housing availability.
  • Housing quality challenges: Substandard living conditions and lack of affordable options.
We'll examine the implications of Section 21 abolition:
  • Impact on tenants' rights and housing security.
  • Challenges and opportunities for agents in managing tenancies.
We'll explore how technology can support agents:
  • Compliance tracking tools: Digital record-keeping systems and automated maintenance reminders.
  • Interconnected solutions: Improved inspection protocols and investment in affordable housing initiatives.
Join Sián who will navigate you through these important topics, identify challenges, and explore solutions.

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