Practitioner to Proptech: Insights from a South African Inventory Specialist

In this episode of The Inventory Professional podcast; Sián talks with Angelique Matthews, an inventory specialist in South Africa who ran her own business for over 10 years before making the shift from practitioner to proptech expert. 

Sián asks Angelique what the response has been like since the law changed last year (2022) making property inventory reports and inspections mandatory in South Africa.

We discuss barriers and benefits and the response from the industry including the challenges of implementing the legislations. Angelique provides her insight into how the rental process works and how property reports are intrinsically tied to ensuring that tenants are involved in the reporting process from the very start of the tenancy. 

And finally, Sián asks what the UK rental housing sector can learn from the South African approach to inventory reports, inspections as well as tenant-landlord relationships?

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