How do you solve the problem of missed appointments?

Missed appointments are the bane of every service industry business, from estate agents to plumbers, from lawyers to hairdressers and of course inventory clerks!. Time is indeed money and a missed appointment is not only time wasted but a lost opportunity for other work and therefore revenue so how, as an inventory provider, can you minimise the cost of missed appointments?
Although there is no actual data on missed appointments or cancelled reports for the supplier industry, it is a well known issue and a more than regular occurrence for some providers that has a real impact on their 'bottom line'.

Listen in as Sián highlights some of the reasons behind those missed appointments, the costs to the industry and why communication is key to reducing the actual costs involved with a report not going ahead.

Finally, Sián offers practical solutions and key takeaways to reduce the disruption to schedules and alleviate the impact of lost revenue.

A blog on this subject is also available: Missed Appointments – What Inventory Clerks Need to Know
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