Safety in the PRS - a legal or moral duty?

In this episode of The Inventory Professional podcast; Sián talks with Melissa about the impacts of low rental stock levels, how lack of choice is affecting tenants and whether testing alarms is a legal or moral duty for inventory professionals?
The unprecedented demand for property, largely fuelled by a buoyant sales market, has impacted stock levels especially as increased legislation forces some landlords to reevaluate their role.

Sián highlights the pressure these changes are exerting on the inventory supplier market, the imminent introduction of the Renting Homes (Wales) Act and how this will directly affect the assessment of rental properties prompting the question; is the testing of alarms a moral or legal duty for inventory professionals?

Melissa talk about why we should establish more focused training, develop better processes for information sharing and the overriding need to change the reporting industry so that as more legislation is introduced, we are all better prepared.

With no one body or association taking responsibility for this particular section of the PRS, Sián highlights the potential for complacency to creep in, and asks whether now is the time to take more control of our industry so that we continue to be part of the solution that supports the industry?

Our blog on the imminent regulation and changes to renting in Wales can be found here: Renting Homes (Wales) Act

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