Private Rented Sector - Are Pets The New Sub-Tenant?

According to data from PetsScore; there are 7.6m renters with pets in the UK Private Rented Sector (PRS) but only around 119,000 rental properties willing to take pets; so what can the lettings market do to address this imbalance and should pets now be considered as the new sub-tenant?
Join Sián as she discusses pets in rental properties with special guest Natasha Homer-Earley from PetsScore; UK's soon-to-launch first national pet referencing system.

In this episode of The Inventory Professional; we look at the issues surrounding landlords reluctance to have pets in the rental home and how capturing data, specifications of the property and the history of the pet owner can help influence and balance their decision with relevant and optimised performance data.

Listen in as we discuss how the private rental sector is missing it's greatest trick by not including pets in the referencing process and why Natasha believes that up to 30% renters could be hiding their animals for fear of being evicted.

With so many families unable to buy a property or opting to rent; we explore the misinformation around property damage and perceived issues whilst Natasha highlights the imbalance in the rental sector and how addressing those issues will help landlords to find qualified applicants who are more likely to rent long term which, in turn, will reduce void periods and lead to much happier and better tenants.

And finally; Sián highlights the issue of pet welfare; "the property has to be as suitable for the pet as the pet is to the property!" and how proptech can analyse and predict the type of pet that is right for the rental home.

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