Property Inspections - Why drones are more than just a hobby

Sián is joined by Mark Boyt; founder and CEO of Drone Safe Register. We discuss the new partnership between InventoryBase and Drone Safe Register and how versatile drones are from taking pictures, video footage of roofs to delivering packages and even dealing with graffiti on busy roads! With property inspections now playing a vital part of both the sales and tenancy process; more and more agents are turning to drones to provide the aerial view of the property to showcase to new buyers, before commissioning expensive scaffolding and avoiding unnecessary works.
In our podcast, Mark explains his journey from car salesman and drone hobbyist to becoming a qualified and certified Drone pilot and launching Drone Safe Register with a network covering the entire UK.

Sián asks if drones are fast becoming the 'go to' option for surveyors and contractors especially with maintenance now such a key driver in the industry. Marks highlights this in that scaffolding can be expensive and safety is not something that can be compromised. Using drones to discover maintenance issues and avoid costly work with an initial 'first person' view of the roof or external areas makes real commercial sense.

Sián highlights the benefits of video footage or detailed pictures whether showcasing a property for sale, mapping out a commercial premises or when dealing with insurance companies wanting to reduce the risk of damage during the increasingly volatile winters and storms the UK are now experiencing.

The benefits of annual maintenance checks on both the home or commercial premises not only reduces risks and costs it also help forge a positive relationship between the buyer, seller, tenants and landlords so that everyone feels safe and comfortable.

With lockdown 2.0 in effect; people are working more remotely. With 'live inspections' led by a surveyor or the inventory provider set to become the new norm, the partnership between InventoryBase Workstreams and Drone Safe Register makes booking a certified Drone pilot simple with footage often available in as little as 2 hours!

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