Tenants working from home - When is wear fair?

Our latest podcast is presented by Sián Hemming-Metcalfe, alongside guest speaker Melissa Gurthrie-Noyce, MGN Inventories where they discuss the implications of increased home working by tenants.
In this episode we catch up over the last few months - what's happened and what is coming next! 

Melissa and I talk about potential increases in fuel bills and what action can be taken from a management angle with regards to interim inspections and beyond. 

Maintenance is going to be key to extended tenancies as some tenants are not letting agents / the landlord know that there are issues at the property as they are worried about the potential negative impact if they complain.

Reports will need to be 'on point' as there is an expected increase in deposit disputes as the courts reopen to consider evictions.

Melissa points out that since the tenant fee ban invoices are now paid almost solely by landlords and that the waiting time for payment appears to be extending and whether providers are experiencing a delay?

And the C word is mentioned!!!!

Yes Christmas is coming ;)

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