Proptech - Why innovation is more than just an enabler

What a busy few weeks it's been! 3 new key integrations and services, 3 new Tiers for the country to help combat the pandemic announced and Christmas is definitely on its way!
Join Sián and Melissa; MGN Inventories as they catch up on what has been a very busy and exciting past few weeks where InventoryBase announced integrations with 2 key integration partners:

Drone Safe Register - Drones are fast becoming the next must-have tool for all types of property reports and are the ideal partner for surveyors carrying out external property inspections, providing unrivaled aerial video and photographic access for use when looking to secure that all important instruction for the estate agency market.

The Depository - The new integration provides InventoryBase users with a straightforward and effective solution that allows agents and landlords to upload inventory and check out reports directly from the users account into the The Depository. The tenancy documentation is then automatically tracked, check out appointments booked, evidence collated and disputes managed with the expert guidance and services of the Tenancy Dispute Scheme (TDS).

And on Tuesday 24th November in an exclusive Facebook Live with Kerfuffle InventoryBase announced to the industry their exciting new app; InventoryBase Live!

The app enables the user to meet with a property manager, capture high quality photographs during the call and discuss issues with the property as if they were there in person. Live Inspections are a safe and secure way for inventory clerks, property managers and landlords to ‘visit’ and conduct inspections of the property remotely. Providers will be able to review the property virtually without the need to enter the home, helping to keep tenants safe and maintaining social distancing. With Live inspections; the clerk will be able to carry out multiple property visits, unhindered by the need to travel, collect and return keys and more importantly, lessen the disruption to the tenants work or family routines.

Innovation is more than just an enabler; it brings like minded companies and individuals together to work collaboratively and towards a better and safer society.

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